Footprints proof of alien gods recently ran a story entitled, Footprints in rock ‘sign from Gods‘, where geologist Nitish Priyadarshi claims that engravings of footprints and a ‘mysterious flying object’ are indicators that gods from outer space actually visited the Earth thousands of years ago. The carvings were found in a village on the outstkirts of Ranchi City. Original story reported at the Epoch Times.

The article claims that the geologist has identified the footprint carvings as ‘sandals’ known to be worn at the time, estimated at ‘thousands of years’ ago, and that they’re placed next to the larger shape of what is claimed to be a UFO. According to local folklore, flying gods visited the people of the area some thousands of years in the past.

He believes that the carvings were the locals paying tribute to the extraterrestrial visitors and may serve as proof to the local legend. The carvings have yet to be dated, but Priyadarshi says that our world is surrounded by ‘mystery’, ‘mysterious beings’, ‘sunken worlds’, ‘unexplained apparitions’ and ‘landscapes imbued with symbolism’.

The conclusion that the Indian geologist has come to is highly speculative, of course. The carvings themselves are merely indicative of the beliefs of the people living there at the time, and serve no actual proof to the visitation of gods even if the dating shows the carvings to be from that particular era. Imagery of sandals carved into rock could mean an absolute variety of things that don’t necessarily symbolize the presence of gods.

The other carving of the strange object is, however, a little more intriguing. Though, again, the comparison from weird shape to extraterrestrial spaceship is highly speculative, and has been compared with nothing more than a word of mouth local legend and mythology.

To me, the ‘flying object’ appears to be of an animal rather than a futuristic flying machine. It has a head, wings with a pattern and a tail. To jump to the arbitrary conclusion that it is in fact an archaic depiction of a craft flown by gods is astonishing. I’m not even sure took it too seriously either, since the covering piece was fairly brief and no hype was introduced.

There Epoch Times article seems to be suggesting to the reader that the engravings of the footprints were to be depicted as the footprints of the gods, rather than of the local people. Whether or not the carvings were devoted to the ‘gods’ is in no way indicative that the gods had arrived there themselves. I also find it strange that beings with such technology as space flight would be wearing sandals, rather than some kind of strange boot.

Whatever this turns out to be, it will never be offered as solid proof that sky gods visited the Earth, and only serves to prove that folklore and myth span back a very long time into India’s history.


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